Imam As-Sadiq on imitation

Muhammad Al-Ukbari reported that Imam As-Sadiq (a.) said:“He who took his religion from the mouths of the people, the people will make him to perish. But he who took his religion from the Scripture and custom (Sunnah), so the mountains perished, but he did not perish. Beware of imitation (Taqlid), for he who imitated in his religion threw himself into ruin, God says: “They took their scholars and their monks to be lords instead of God.” (9:31) But no, by God, they neither prayed to them nor fasted, but they allowed them what was forbidden and forbid them what was allowed. Then they imitated the scholars and worshipped them in such a way, that they did not realize it. The one who listened to a speaker has worshipped him. If the speaker referred to God, then one has worshipped God; and if the speaker referred to Satan, then one has worshipped Satan.” [Tashih-ul-I’tiqadat of Al-Mufid, pp. 72-73]

عن محمد بن محمد العكبري عن الإمام الصادق عليه السلام قال: من أخذ دينه من أفواه الرجال أزالته الرجال ومن أخذ دينه من الكتاب والسنة زالت الجبال ولم يزل وقال عليه السلام: إياكم والتقليد فإنه من قلد في دينه هلك إن الله تعالى يقول اتخذوا أحبارهم ورهبانهم أربابا من دون الله فلا والله ما صلوا لهم ولا صاموا ولكنهم أحلوا لهم حراما وحرموا عليهم حلالا فقلدوهم في ذلك، فعبدوهم وهم لا يشعرون وقال عليه السلام: من أجاب ناطقا فقد عبده فإن كان الناطق عن الله تعالى فقد عبد الله وإن كان الناطق عن الشيطان فقد عبد الشيطان

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