Al-Jaza’iri on the author of the current Qur’an

Ni’matullah Ibn Muhammad Al-Jaza’iri writes:

وعثمان وأضرابه ما كانوا يحضرون إلا في المسجد مع جماعة الناس فما يكنبون إلا ما نزل به جبرائيل عليه السلام بين الملأ أما الذي كان يأتي به داخل بيته صلى الله عليه وآله فلم يكن يكتبه إلا أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام لأن له المحرمية دخولا وخروجا فكان يتفرد بكتابة مثل هذا وهذا القرآن الموجود الآن في أيدي الناس هو خط عثمان وسموه الإمام وأحرقوا ما سواه أو أخفوه وبعثوا به زمن تخلفه إلى الأقطار والأمصار ومن ثم ترى قواعد خطه تخالف قواعد العربية مثل كتابة الألف بعد واو المفرد وعدمها بعد واو الجمع وغير ذلك وسموه رسم الخط القرآني ولم يعلموا أنه من عدم اطلاع عثمان على قواعد العربية والخط

“Uthman and those of his camp were only present in the house of prayer with the common people, so they wrote down nothing else but what the angel Gabriel (a.) revealed among the people. As for that which he brought into the house of the messenger (s.), no one wrote it down except the commander of the believers (a. ) as he showed the kinship to go in and out and therefore he alone distinguished himself by writing something like this and this Qur’an that is in the hands of the people today is the writing of Uthman and they called him Imam and burned all others except his or they hid it and they sent it to the regions and places in his time of succession and this is what you see on it, that the grammar of his writing contradicted the grammar of Arabic, such as writing the Alif after the Waw of the singular and omitting it after the Waw of the plural and other things besides that and they called it the official writing of the Qur’an, being unaware of Uthman’s lack of insight into the grammar of Arabic and the writing. ” [Al-Anwar-un-Nu’maniyyah, Volume 2 Page 316]

فإن قلت كيف جاز القراءة في هذه مع ما لحقه من التغيير قلت قد روي في الأخبار أنهم عليهم السلام أمروا شيعتهم بقراءة هذا الموجود من القرآن في الصلاة وغيرها والعمل بأحكامه حتى يظهر مولانا صاحب الزمان فيرتفع هذا القرآن من أيدي الناس إلى السماء ويخرج القرآن الذي ألفه أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام فيقرأ ويعمل بأحكامه

“If one should be asking, how reading in it can be permitted, while it has been subjected to changes, i say that it has been transmitted in the reports that the Imams (a.) ordered their followers to read this existing Qur’an in prayer and outside of it and to act according to its judgements until our Master, the Master of Time (a. ), appears, whereupon this Qur’an ascends from the hands of men into heaven and the Qur’an is brought forth, which the Commander of the Faithful (a.) wrote, so that it may be read and acted upon according to his judgments.” [Al-Anwar-un-Nu’maniyyah, Volume 2 Page 317]

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