Muhammad Al-Mufid on the permission of the father for temporary partnership

Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Al-Mufid writes:

ويـكـره لـواجـد الـحـرة مـتـعـة أمـة [ظالأمـةوافـتـضـاض الـبـكـر بـلا إذن الأب خـوف الـعـيـب وجـوازه (كـذاوبـالإسـنـاد إلـى أحـمـد بـن مـحـمـد بـن عـيـسـى عـن رجـالـه مـرفـوعـا إلـى الأئـمـة عـلـيـهـم الـسـلام مـنـهـم مـحـمـد بـن مـسـلـم قـال قـال أبـو عـبـد الـلَّـه عـلـيـه الـسـلام لا بـأس بـتـزويـج الـبـكـر إذا رضـيـت مـن غـيـر إذن أبـيـهـا وجـمـيـل بـن دراج حـيـث سـأل الـصـادق عـلـيـه الـسـلام عـن الـتـمـتـع بـالـبـكـر قـاللا بـأس أن يـتـمـتـع بـالـبـكـر مـا لـم يـفـض إلـيـهـا كـراهـيـة الـعـيـب عـلـى أهـلـهـا

“It is frowned upon (Makruh) for the one who finds a free woman to enter into a temporary partnership (Mut’ah) with a slave (the slave woman) and to have sexual intercourse with an virgin (Bikr) without the permission of the father, because there is shame to be feared and the legitimation of it (is so) and with the chain to Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Isa, who reported from his people back (Marfu’) to the Imams (a.). Among them is Muhammad Ibn Muslim, who reported from Abu Abdillah (As-Sadiq) that he said: “There is no problem in entering into a partnership with an virgin woman if she agrees without the permission of her father.” And Jamil Ibn Darraj when he asked As-Sadiq (a.) about a temporary partnership with an virgin, whereupon he said: “There is no problem in entering into a temporary partnership with an virgin as long as one does not have sexual intercourse with her, as it is frowned upon (Makruh) to bring shame to her relatives.” [Khulasat-ul-Ijaz, page 47]

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