Pledge of allegiance to Mu’awiyah?

1st Question:

A follower of the illegitimate Imams made the claim that Imam Al-Hasan (a.) gave his command to Mu’awiyah and then said to the people of Kufa: “You killed my father, stole from my family, and stabbed me. I really gave my oath of allegiance to Mu’awiyah, obey and follow him.” Upon this, the person commented that these were reports that had reached the lovers of the Ahl-ul-Bait (a.) and gave the following sources: Kashf-ul-Ghummah, page 540; Al-Irshad, page 190, Fusul-ul-Muhimmah, page 162; Muruj-udh-Dhahab, Volume 1 page 431. Is this in accordance with the facts or is this a deception?


As far as Kashf-ul-Ghummah is concerned, it is a lie because the work contains only 387 pages. Therefore, page 540 does not exist.

As for Al-Irshad, the claim turns out to be false as well, because there is no sign of any such report on the said page 190.

As for Fusul-ul-Muhimmah, again, on the given page 162, there is nothing of such a report.

Finally we come to Muruj-udh-Dhahab and also here the page 431 was given in the 1st volume, although the work has only 296 pages and thus ends what began with a lie, likewise with a lie.

The reason why such reports cannot be attributed to the Infallibles (a.) is that they are narrations that have been narrated by the people of innovation.

Hilal ibn Khabbab reported that Imam Al-Hasan (a.) said: “I have indeed given my oath of allegiance to Mu’awiyah, obey and follow him.” [Tarikh Madinat Dimashq by Ibn Asakir, Hadith 11885; Tarikh Baghdad by Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi, Hadith 70]

وَإِنِّي قَدْ بَايَعْتُ مُعَاوِيَةَ, فَاسْمَعُوا لَهُ وَأَطِيعُوا

Hudhaifah Ibn Al-Yaman reported that Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “After me, there will be Imams who will not be guided by my right instruction and will not act according to my Sunnah. Among them there will rise men whose hearts are the hearts of satans which beat in human bodies.” Hudhaifah Ibn Al-Yaman said: “How should I behave when I am caught by it, O Messenger of God?” The Holy Prophet (s.) replied: “Listen to the Commander and obey him, even if your back will be beaten and your property will be seized. Listen and obey!” [Sahih Muslim, Hadith 1847]

وحدثني محمد بن سهل بن عسكر التميمي حدثنا يحيى بن حسان ح وحدثنا عبد الله بن عبد الرحمن الدارمي أخبرنا يحيى وهو ابن حسان حدثنا معاوية يعني ابن سلام حدثنا زيد بن سلام عن أبي سلام قال قال حذيفة بن اليمان: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: يكون بعدي أئمة لا يهتدون بهداي ولا يستنون بسنتي وسيقوم فيهم رجال قلوبهم قلوب الشياطين في جثمان إنس قال قلت كيف أصنع يا رسول الله إن أدركت ذلك قال تسمع وتطيع للأمير وإن ضرب ظهرك وأخذ مالك فاسمع وأطع

2nd question:

Another allegation made by the accuser was that Imam Al-Husain (a.) had said regarding Mu’awiyah: “O Qais, give him the oath of allegiance, for he is my Imam.” This time he gave the work Rijal-ul-Kashi and the page 109. What report do we have in the given source?


Fudail Ghulam Ibn Rashid reported that he heard Imam Ja’far As-Sadiq (a.) say: “Mu’awiyah wrote a letter to Imam Al-Hasan Ibn Ali (a.) saying: “You, Al-Husain and the companions of Ali should come.” Therefore, Qais Ibn Sa’d Ibn Ubadah Al-Ansari went out and they came to Syria and Mu’awiyah granted them entry and prepared a sermon for them. He said: “O Hasan, rise up and take the oath of allegiance!” And he stood up and made the oath of allegiance. Then he said: “O Qais, rise up and take the oath of allegiance!” But he turned to Al-Husain (a.) and looked after what he commanded him. Therefore, Al-Husain (a.) said: “O Qais, he is my Imam!” By which he meant Al-Hasan (a.).” [Rijal-ul-Kashi, page 109]

جبرئيل بن أحمد وأبو إسحاق حمدويه، وإبراهيم بن نصير عن محمد بن عبد الحميد العطار الكوفي، عن يونس بن يعقوب، عن فضيل غلام محمد ابن راشد قال: سمعت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام يقول: إن معاوية كتب إلى الحسن بن علي صلوات الله عليهما أن: أقدم أنت والحسين وأصحاب علي فخرج معهم قيس بن سعد ابن عبادة الأنصاري فقدموا الشام، فأذن لهم معاوية، وأعد لهم الخطباء فقال: يا حسن قم قبايع فقام وبايع، ثم قال للحسين عليه السلام: قم فبايع، فقام فبايع، ثم قال: يا قيس قم فبايع فالتفت إلى الحسين عليه السلام ينظر ما يأمره، فقال: يا قيس إنه إمامي يعني الحسن عليه السلام

As we can see, Al-Husain (a.) does not refer to Mu’awiyah as his Imam, but to his brother Al-Hasan (a.), because it should be made clear to Qais that Al-Husain (a.) should also not contradict the Imam of his time.

Zaid ibn Wahb Al-Jahmi reported that Imam Al-Hasan (a.) said: “By God that I make an agreement with Mu’awiyah whereby my blood is protected and my people are safe is better than them killing me and losing me the people of my house and my people.” [Bihar-ul-Anwar of Al-Majlisi, Volume 44 Page 20 Hadith 4]

عن زيد بن وهب الجهني قال: قال الحسن بن علي عليه السلام: والله لأن آخذ من معاوية عهدا أحقن به دمي وآمن به في أهلي خير من أن يقتلوني فتضيع أهل بيتي وأهلي

Abu Umar Zadhan reported that Imam Al-Hasan (a.) said: “Mu’awiyah claims that I would have considered him worthy for the successorship and that I do not consider myself a worthy successor, but Mu’awiyah lied. We are entitled to the people through the Book of God and through the tongue of His Prophet (s.) rather than them, and we the people of the House have always been oppressed since God took His Prophet (s.) to Himself. Therefore, God is between us and between the one who suppressed our right, jumped on our necks, made people rebel against us, prevented us from our share of Al-Fai’, and prohibited our mother (a.) from the inheritance that Prophet Muhammad (s.) left her. By God, had the people sworn allegiance to my father (a.) when the Messenger (s.) left them, then the sky would have provided them with its rain and the earth would have poured out its blessings to them and your greed would not have driven you to power, O Mu’awiyah! When it came out of its source, the Quraish quarreled among themselves about it. Therefore, the dismissed and the sons of the dismissed have hungered for it, you and your companions!” [Ghaiat-ul-Maram of Al-Bahrani, Volume 2 page 89 Hadith 30]

الشيخ في مجالسه قال: أخبرنا جماعة عن أبي المفضل قال: حدثنا عبد الرحمن بن محمد بن عبيد الله العرزمي عن أبيه عن عثمان أبي اليقظان عن أبي عمر زادان قال: قال الحسن بن علي عليه السلام: وإن معاوية زعم لكم أني رأيته للخلافة أهلا، ولم أر نفسي لها أهلا فكذب معاوية، نحن أولى بالناس في كتاب الله عز وجل وعلى لسان نبيه صلى الله عليه وآله ولم نزل أهل البيت مظلومين، منذ قبض الله نبيه صلى الله عليه وآله فالله بيننا وبين من ظلمنا حقنا، وتوثب على رقابنا، وحمل الناس علينا، ومنعنا سهمنا من الفيئ ومنع امنا ما جعل لها رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وأقسم بالله لو أن الناس بايعوا أبي حين فارقهم رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله لأعطتهم السماء قطرها، والأرض بركتها، وما طمعت فيها يا معاوية، فلما خرجت من معدنها تنازعتها قريش بينها، فطمعت فيها الطلقاء، وأبناء الطلقاء: أنت وأصحابك

Sadir reported that Abu Sa’id Iqqisi said: “When Al-Hasan, the son of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.), made a peace treaty with Mu’awiyah, the son of Abu Sufyan, people came in to him, some of whom rebuked him for his oath of allegiance. Imam Al-Hasan (a.) said: “Woe to you, you do not know what you are doing! By God, the agreement I made for my followers is better than what the sun rises or sets over. Do you not know that I am your Imam and obedience to me is a duty to you, one of the two masters of the youth of Paradise, because of the statement of Prophet Muhammad (s.) about me?” They said: “Yes, it is!” He said: “Have you not learned about it that when Al-Khidr sank the ship, gave support to the wall and killed the youth, this was an offense in the eyes of Moses, the son of Imran (a.), but there was wisdom and validity in it with God? Have you not learned of it that there is none of us except that he swears allegiance for the tyrants of his time except the one who rises (Al-Mahdi)? It is the one behind whom the Spirit of God, Jesus, the son of Mary (a.), performs the prayer and whose birth was concealed by God and whom He took into concealment so that he does not make an oath of allegiance when he appears. This one is the ninth of the descendants of my brother Al-Husain and the son of a maid. God grants him a long life in his concealment and thereupon brings him forth in his strength and form of a young man less than 40 years of age, so that you may know that God has power over all things.” [Al-Ihtijaj by Abu Mansur At-Tabarsi, Volume 2 page 9 – 10]

وعن حنان بن سدير عن أبيه سدير عن أبيه عن أبي سعيد عقيصي قال: لما صالح الحسن بن علي بن أبي طالب معاوية بن أبي سفيان دخل عليه الناس فلامه بعضهم على بيعته فقال عليه السلام: ويحكم ما تدرون ما عملت، والله الذي عملت لشيعتي خير مما طلعت عليه الشمس أو غربت، ألا تعلمون أني إمامكم، ومفترض الطاعة عليكم، واحد سيدي شباب أهل الجنة بنص من رسول الله علي؟ قالوا: بلى. قال: أما علمتم أن الخضر لما خرق السفينة، وأقام الجدار، وقتل الغلام كان ذلك سخطا لموسى بن عمران عليه السلام إذ خفي عليه وجه الحكمة في ذلك، وكان ذلك عند الله تعالى ذكره حكمة وصوابا؟ أما علمتم أنه ما منا أحد إلا ويقع في عنقه بيعة لطاغية زمانه إلا القائم عجل الله فرجه؟ الذي يصلي خلفه روح الله عيسى بن مريم عليه السلام، فإن الله عز وجل يخفي ولادته ويغيب شخصه لئلا يكون لأحد في عنقه بيعة إذا خرج، ذاك التاسع من ولد أخي الحسين، ابن سيدة الإماء، يطيل الله عمره في غيبته ثم يظهره بقدرته في صورة شاب دون أربعين سنة، ذلك ليعلم أن الله على كل شئ قدير

Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi writes: “As for the oath of allegiance, if by it is meant the agreement, an expression of acceptance and abstaining from the dispute, this was the case. However, we have already explained the point of view of its happening and the reasons of necessity regarding it and there is no proof in it against him (a.) just as there is no proof against his father (s.) when he took the oath of allegiance regarding it in the time of the preceding ones and refrained from disputing with them and retreated from their influence.” [Bihar-ul-Anwar of Al-Majlisi, Volume 44 Page 31]

قال شيخ الإسلام محمد باقر المجلسي رضي الله عنه: فأما البيعة فان أريد بها الصفقة وإظهار الرضا والكف عن المنازعة، فقد كان ذلك، لكنا قد بينا جهة وقوعه، والأسباب المحوجة إليه، ولا حجة في ذلك عليه صلوات الله عليه كما لم يكن في مثله حجة على أبيه صلوات الله عليهما لما بايع المتقدمين عليه، وكف عن نزاعهم، وأمسك عن غلابهم

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