Only a messenger [3:144]


“Muhammad is only a messenger. Messengers have passed away before him. Will you then, if he dies or is killed, turn back on your heels? But whoever turns back on his heels, he will not harm God and God rewards the grateful.” [Al Imran 3:144]

وما محمد إلا رسول قد خلت من قبله الرسل أفإن مات أو قتل انقلبتم على أعقابكم ومن ينقلب على عقبيه فلن يضر الله شيئا وسيجزي الله الشاكرين

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He who took his inclination as his God (45:23)

“Did you see the one, who took his inclination as his God? And God misguided him with knowledge and sealed his hearing and heart and put a veil upon his sight. Who then guides him after God? Do you not think?” [Al-Jathiyah 45:23]

أفرأيت من اتخذ إلهه هواه وأضله الله على علم وختم على سمعه وقلبه وجعل على بصره غشاوة فمن يهديه من بعد الله أفلا تذكرون

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